Lord Ganesha - The Kaveri Amma

 The Kaveri Amma


Do you know the association of Lord Ganesha with River Kaveri? Here we are today, to narrate you the astonishing story of River Kaveri’s Birth. 


It was one of the days in South India, when the summer got unusually hot. Saint Agasthya was in search of water and decided to ask Lord Shiva for his help. Kaveri happened to be worshipping Lord Shiva when Saint Agasthya arrived. When he asked Shiva to pour some water to quench his thirst, Lord Shiva picked up Kaveri and put her in Agasthya’s kamandalu.

The saint, on receiving water thanked Lord Shiva and left to go back to his home. Lord Indra did not approve of what Lord Shiva did and asked him to overturn his deed and get Kaveri back. Lord Shiva realised this soon and requested his son Ganesha to reverse his deed.

Ganesha known for his intelligence, turned himself into a crow and followed Agasthya on his way home. As soon as Agasthya took a halt and kept the kamandalu down, Ganesha swooped down and sat on its rim making Kaveri flow out of the vessel. Looking at this, Agasthya raged with anger and tried to shoe the crow away. The crow vanished in thin air and turned into a frame of a small boy in its place. Agasthya thought it was this little boy whose mischief cost him the water and so he stepped forward and chased the boy to give him a deadly blow on his head.

Soon, Lord Ganesha revealed his true form to Saint Agasthya and he realised his mistake and bowed down in shame. Lord Ganesha refilled Agasthya’s kamandalu with water but Kaveri kept flowing from the spot Ganesha swooped the vessel. Since that day onwards, Lord Ganesha was known as the Kaveri amma.

River Kaveri flows till date in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Its point of origin is known as Talakaveri. Located in the Kodagu district, it is not only a religious destination but one of the sacred rivers of India.