Parashara Guru Yantra 6"X6" Copper
Parashara Guru Yantra 6"X6" Copper

Parashara Guru Yantra 6"X6" Copper

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Guru Yantra~Lord Vishnu~It Is Composed Of Pictorial Representation Of The Planet Lord/Deity At The Center, Numerical Matrix Of 3X3 Totalling 27 At Both Sides Of The Deity Picture And The ?Beej? (Seed) Mantra And Chanting Matra At The Bottom.~
  • Guru Yantra Bestows The Blessings Of Lord Vishnu And Brahma Along With The Positive Reflections Of Planet Jupiter. It Bestows Knowledge, Prosperity And Peace To The Devotee.
  • Guru Yantra Is Good For Those Having Problems With Studies.
  • Since Lord Guru (Jupiter) Is A Significator Of Wealth, Fame, Children, Higher Education, Banks, Insurance Companies And Religion, It Improves One?S Power, Authority And Intellect In These Matters.
  • It Also Cures Or Reduces Problems Related To Obesity, Diabetes, Diseases Relating To Liver, Gall Bladder And Pancreas Etc.
  • This Yantra Is Highly Recommended For Those Natives Who Are Born In Sagittarius & Pisces Ascendant Or Moon Sign. It Is Also Recommended During Adverse Dasha/Transit Of Lord Guru (Jupiter).
  • Cover The Altar (Patta/Chowkey) With Yellow Cloth.
  • Lay Fresh Yellow Flowers Along With Other Flowers And Fresh Fruits On The Altar
~It Should Be Placed On Thursday During The Rising Moon Period.~? ????? ????? ????? ?? ????? ???
? ??? ????????? ???
? ?? ????? ????????? ???

Au? Gr?? Gr?? Grau? Sa? Gurave Nama?
Au? B?? B?Haspataye Nama?
Au? Ai? Kl?? B?Haspataye Nama?
For Appeasement Of Planet Jupiter~This Yantra Is Used To Appease The Planet Jupiter, Who Bestows Prosperity And Intelligence. It Shows The Virtuous Path And Guards Against Calamity. It Bestows Power, Rank, Prosperity, Authority, Abundance And Wealth. It Is Also Good For Profession And Business. It Negates The Malefic Influence Of Jupiter. It Is Beneficial For Persons Suffering From Liver Complaints, Excess Fat In The Body, Anemia, Piles, Diabetes Etc.

Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sahe Guruve Namah

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