Parashara Ketu Yantra 6"X6" Gold Polished
Parashara Ketu Yantra 6"X6" Gold Polished

Parashara Ketu Yantra 6"X6" Gold Polished

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Ketu Yantra~Lord Ganesha And Kartikeya~It Is Composed Of Pictorial Representation Of The Planet Lord/Deity At The Center, Numerical Matrix Of 3X3 Totalling 39 At Both Sides Of The Deity Picture And The ?Beej? (Seed) Mantra And Chanting Matra At The Bottom.~
  • It Removes/Reduces All The Negative And Malefic Effects Of Ketu. The Ketu Yantra Brings Peace Of Mind, Blesses The Devotees With Tranquility, Harmony And Cures Illness. It Also Bestows Spiritual Disposition, Asceticism, And Non-Attachment To Material World And Aspirations.
  • Ketu Being The Significator Of Spirituality, Occultism, Trouble To Enemies, Ultimate Salvation, The Ketu Yantra Enhances The Good Results And Reduces/Removes Bad Effects Under These Areas.
  • It Reduces The Problems Related To Deafness, Defects Of Speech, Intestinal Worms, Besides Diseases Indicated By Rahu.Worshipping The Ketu Yantra Brings All-Round Happiness And A General Sense Of Well-Being. It Showers Prosperity On The Devotee. It Is Also Said To Remove The Effects Of Snakebite And Illnesses Arising Out Of Poisonous Substances Entering One?S Body. It Bestows Good Health, Victory Over Enemies, Success In Business, Wealth And Prosperity.
  • It Is Highly Recommended And Advised That Natives With Adverse Dasha/Transit Of Ketu Should Install And Worship The Yantra As A Remedy To Nullify The Malefic Effects.
  • Cover The Altar (Patta/Chowkey) With Black Cloth.
  • Lay Fresh Pink Flowers And Rose With Fresh Fruits On The Altar
  • Put The Yantra In North-East (Ishaan) Direction Of Pooja Room.
~It Should Be Placed On Tuesday/Saturday During The Rising Moon Period.~? ??????? ??????? ??????? ?? ????? ???
? ??? ????? ???
? ?? ?????? ???

Au? Str?? Str?? Strau? Sa? Ketave Nama?
Au? Ke? Ketave Nama?
Au? Ga? Ga?Apataye Nama?

For Appeasement Of Planet Ketu~The Ketu Yantra Denotes Mars. It Signifies Cleverness, Dexterity, Divine And Supernatural Strength, Assertiveness, Fame, Social Esteem, Difficulties, Tensions And Turmoil. When Ketu Is Adverse In A Horoscope, It Is Difficult To Achieve Success. This Yantra Comes In Handy Here. It Has A Tremendous Impact On Human Lives And Also The Whole Creation. Ketu Yantra Is Used To Appease Planet Ketu. This Yantra Is Beneficial In The Problems Of Fear Of Death, Debt, Litigation, Loneliness, Depression, Allergies, Difficulty Of Gaining Recognition For Hard Work Of Efforts, Loss, Bone Disease, Arthritis And Other Diseases Also. Ketu Yantra Bestows Success In Business, Victory Over Enemies And All Round Success. The Yantra Also Aids In Obtaining Different Types Of Knowledge. It Is Spiritually Very Benefic And Favourable.

Mantra: Om Hreem Ketve Namah

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