Parashara Maha Mrityunjai Yantra 6"X6" Copper
Parashara Maha Mrityunjai Yantra 6"X6" Copper

Parashara Maha Mrityunjai Yantra 6"X6" Copper

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Maha Mrityunjai Yantra~Lord Shiva~It Is Composed Of A Star (Five Angle) Enclosed In A Circleat The Center. This Is Enclosed In An Eight Petal Lotus Which Includes Four Circles Divided Into Eight Segments. It Is Further Enclosed In Second Eight Petal Lotus Which Includes Three Circles Divided Into Eight Segments. Each Circular Segment And Petals Are Filled With Relevant Mantras. This Whole Figure Is Enclosed In A Triple Line Bhupur. Near The Bhupur Lines, In All Eight Directions, Thirty-Six Relevant Mantras Are Written.~
  • Mahamrityunjai Yantra Is Useful To Avoid Infliction From Evil Spirits And Safeguard One From Other Calamities. It Keeps The Worshipper In Good Health And Free From All Ailments. Worship Of This Yantra Definitely Helps People Who Are Very Prone To Infections And Diseases.
  • The Mahamrityunjai Yantra When Translated Literally Means Victory Over Death. It Keeps One Free From Fear Of Death, Grave Dangers, Fatal Diseases And Makes Him Courageous And Healthy. Mahamrityunjai Yantra Dispels All Sorts Of Fears, Influence Of Evil Planets, Fear Of Spirits And Ghosts, Accidental Death And Diseases Etc.
  • After Pooja The Yantra Should Be Dipped In Water And This Water Should Be Drunk As "Charnamrit" To Control And Cure Diseases. This Water Sprinkled In The House Creates Comfort In Home. The People Who Remain Sick Or Are Very Prone To Infections And Diseases Must Worship Mahamrityunjai Yantra.
  • Cover The Altar (Patta/Chowkey) With Red Silk Cloth.
  • Lay Fresh White Flowers And Fresh Fruits On The Altar.
  • Place The Yantra Facing The East Along With The Image Of Lord Shiva And Your Ishta God In East Direction.
~It Should Be Established On Sunday Morning In The Pooja Room.~? ??? ??? ?? ? ???????? ???? ? ????????? ?????? ??????? ????????????
??????????? ??????? ??????????????? ?? ????? ? ???? ???????? ? ?? ??? ??? ?

Au? Hau? J?? Sa? Au? Bh?Rbhuva? Sva? Au? Trayambaka? Yaj?Mahe Suga?Dhima Pu??Ivardhanama
Urv?Rukamiva Bandhan?Na M?Tyormuk??Ya M? M?T?Ta Au? Sva? Bh?Rbhuva? Au? Sa? J?? Hau? Au?
For Protection From Death Like Situation & Ailments~Maha Mritunjaya Yantra Is Ideal For Curing All Types Of Diseases And Extending Longevity Of The Worshipper. It Bestows Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, Good Fortune And Fame. It Removes Fears, Negates The Influence Of Evil Planets And Protects Against Evil Spirits And Accidental Death. It Appeases Lord Shiva, And Is Extremely Powerful. This Yantra Is Specially Good For Those Who Suffer From Chronic And Dreadful Diseases. One Can Escape From Miseries And Troubles Of This Materialistic World As Well As The Problems Related To Inner Soul. The Lord Removes Our Troubles, Tensions, Stress As Well As Our Ego Issues. He Heals Our Soul And Sentiments. Lord Shiva Governs Death And Dissolution On The Earth Plane. When He Is Positive, Life Is Nourished With Good Health And Safety. He Also Gives Positive Energy To The Immune System To Fight Back All The Incurable Illnesses. The Yantra Can Also Help Attain Victory Over Death. It Reshapes Life In A Positive Way.This Yantra Is Useful When Saturn, Mars Is Enjoined, In Opposition Or In Aspect To Each Other In A Birthchart Or In Transit To Avoid Any Accident Or Accidental Death. The Water Sprinkled On The Yantra In Puja Is Holy And Can Be Taken As Prasad To Control And Cure Diseases. If Sprinkled In The House It Creates Good Energy.

Mantra: Om Tryambakam Yajamahey, Sungandhim Pushti Vardanam, Uruvar Ukamiva Bandhanan, Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat

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