IndianSkyShop Siddha Chinnamasta yantra Double energised by benificiary name
IndianSkyShop Siddha Chinnamasta yantra Double energised by benificiary name

IndianSkyShop Siddha Chinnamasta yantra Double energised by benificiary name

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Siddha Chhinamasta Yantra:
Chinnamasta the sixth of the Maha Vidyas, Chinnamasta is the Goddess who causes us to ?cut off our own heads?, or, in other words, freeing ourselves from the limitations of the mind.
She is the shakti or power of Indra- lightning, the electrical energy of transformation. This represents direct perception, cutting through everything and revealing the Infinite beyond all forms.
Chinamasta is also the Kundalini in her active role. Her activity is in the Sushumna nadi, where She traverses up and down and distributes this electrical energy through all the nadis throughout the body.
She is also Yoga Shakti, or power of Yoga in its most dramatic action.
One way of meditating on her is to see the light that makes the object visible, and not the object itself.
Chhinamasta Yantra is ?also used to for overcoming the evil impact of Rahu
Chhinamasta yantra is very powerful and effective. Blesses one with progeny, removes the troubles and protects one from poverty. The presiding deity is Goddess Chhinnamasta. Her name and images show her own severed head, which she holds in her hands, is drinking one stream of blood spurting from the arteries of her neck, while at her side are two naked Shaktis each of whom drinks another stream of blood. She is generally shown as if she is standing on the body of God of love.
The image of this Goddess is a composite one which conveys the reality as a mixture of sex, death, creation, destruction and regeneration. It is representation of the fact that life, sex and death are an intrinsic part of the grand unified scheme that makes up the manifested universe.
This Yantra has the power to remove uncertainties from one?s life. She is generally worshipped for getting success in business or in a competition. If in one horoscope Rahu is badly placed this Yantra should be worshipped to appease it. This can also prove beneficial for enhancing one s knowledge.
It gives lot of power and protects from all evils and bestows desired results if worshipped regularly
Look at the light in the centre of the yantra and keeping your focus there, take in the feeling of light cutting through the dark forms in the surrounding areas. Breathe in this light, and visualize it moving up and down your Sushumna nadi. Keeping this focus on the Sushumna nadi, let any thoughts drift into your mind. Sometimes you may get an unexpected resolution to a problem, or insight into something you were contemplating.

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